Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses at Oakes OpticiansModern advances in contact lenses have now made it possible for virtually everyone to wear contact lenses safely. 99% of new contact lenses fitted are soft lenses. These range from daily disposable to two weekly and monthly disposable lenses. Soft contact lenses are made from soft polymers which cushion on the eye.

Contact lenses vary in terms of the amount of oxygen they let through, and in terms of comfort due to moisture retention in the lens. The latest lenses allow the maximum amount of oxygen through to the eye, almost 100%. That’s almost the same amount of oxygen as if you are NOT wearing ANY lens!

Recent advances have also made it possible to introduce moisterises into the lens itself. This results in the feeling of not wearing any lenses at all!

These modern lenses are available in daily, reusable, toric for astigmatism (rugby ball eyes) and for people who need reading glasses (varifocal or multifocal contact lenses).

In short virtually everyone can wear lenses, and even if your prescription is not available in the usual lenses. Then at Oakes Opticians we can fit truly custom made contact lenses.

So why not give us a call to book an appointment today in Huddersfield? Do you really have any reason not to?

Please note: A valid sight test prescription is required, dated within 2 years. Your previous optician is legally obliged to provide this, although they may charge. If your last sight test was greater than 2 years ago, or are unable to get a copy of your sight test. Then we will happily book you in for an eye examination at our store.

If you are one of our patients then we will already have your records on file.